Clinton gets a pardon?

It is amazing how the lying, cheating, racist and self-serving democrats frame their personal interests. Hillary and Bill Clinton are the antipathy of the most vile and corrupt people to run for or function as President of The United States of America.

Only a buffoon or an equally ego maniacal person could not see the corruption with impunity committed against the citizenry of our country. As a citizen, you have less rights and protections from these usurpers, calling themselves liberals and democrats, and illegal alien murderers, rapists, drug dealers, gang members, criminals and terrorists than you do against any other US citizen.

They commit the most egregious acts with impunity, and now, our  President is considering a preemptive pardon, such a travesty of justice!

If this does come to fruition, I am urging “all” to demand an Act of Congress to set the Presidential Pardon aside and pursue prosecution of all violations of the law.


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